The Magic Duo Domenico ensures delighted guests.


Dominik Zemp

Dominik is from Bern but has been living in Zurich for the past two years, where he is studying Business Administration. Malicious gossip has it that he is only doing it for the money. For his true passion is magic. It has been since his early childhood. He has been performing magic since he was 1.60m tall, that means over 23cm ago. His biggest skill is his strong interaction with the audience. He may not bend any spoons, but he is able to bend the corner of the most bored spectator‘s mouth with his charming ways. Upwards, that is. Mostly.



Nico Studer

Nico is from Basel. He has been performing magic his whole life, at least, and all over the world, because the magic virus is firmly fixed inside him. He works miracles with surprising facility. Besides talent, there is a lot of training and strict discipline behind his magic. When it comes to dexterity, there is nobody who gets close to his abilities (except for maybe Harry Potter and the great creator). Nico‘s trade mark is his fantastic magic with doves, which is rarely seen nowadays.


● Erster gemeinsamer Auftritt als Zauberduo Domenico


● Weiterbildung an der «Magic & Mystery School» in Las Vegas
● Auftritte am Renaissance Fair Festival in Las Vegas


● 3-monatiges Engagement von Nico im «Gold Coast Casino» in Las Vegas


● 1. Platz «Swiss Talent Award»


● Ganzjährige Tournée im DAS ZELT mit «Comedy Club 14» und «DAS ZELT Varieté»
● Premiere vom 1. abendfüllenden Programm «It's Magic!»
● Auftritte in Südostasien (Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapur & Bangkok)


● Ganzjährige Tournée im DAS ZELT mit «Dîner Spectacle»
● Sommer-Tournée mit Lilibiggs Festivals
● Eigene Familienshow im KINDERZELT


● TV-Auftritt (ARD & SRF1) in «Die Große Show der Träume» vor einem Millionenpublikum
● Ganzjährige Tournée im DAS ZELT mit «Dîner Spectacle»
● Eigene Familienshow im KINDERZELT