These shows will definitely be much talked of.

Magic Show – It's Showtime!

Are you looking for some special kind of entertainment your guests won´t forget? Then it is time to meet Domenico! Two unique magicians who blend true magic with sophisticated comedy to give you the show of a lifetime. Yet their magic art couldn´t be more different from each other. While Nico amazes the audience with breathtaking, classic magic art, Dominik´s charming enchantment simply takes people away into some fantastic fairytale world. The two of them together are a perfect combination of magical entertainment and ensure your guests will have a lot to talk about!

Perfect show time: between main course and dessert
Time: 35 min. – customizable to your needs
Necessary space: min. 3m (approx. 10 ft.) width x 2m (approx. 7 ft.) depth
Technical equipment: if needed the magic duo offers the complete technical equipment (Sound, Light, platform, back curtain)

Close-Up Magic – It happens in your guests hands!

Close-Up Magic happens directly in the audience at really close range. The Magic Duo Domenico blends into the audience and shortens time before dinner, during aperitif or adds-on some sweet magic after dessert. Little wonders with big effect – and your guests are part of it!

Good to know:

Domenico are even skillfully able to entertain a large circle of persons with their Close-Up Magic. Just book this entertaining kind of magic as a perfect bonus to the big magic show!

Magical Trade Fair – Infotainment as a crowd puller

Trade Fairs are places crowded with noise and fuss. Exhibitors tout for as many clients as possible. If you are tired of showing disdainful nosh, cheap musicians and good-looking girls to get your customers´ attention, then try something different: let the Magic Duo Domenico enchant your next trade-fair appearance!

Good to know:

Magically Domenico will pull fairgoers to your booth. Even your products or exhibition message can become part of their magic show and will attract people much more than the usual leaflets or stickers.

Theatre Show – Dive down into an enchanting world

With their first full-length theatre magic show Domenico unfold the full range of their talents and delight with a show full of classic magic and modern elements. Making doves disappear or laugh at some comedy magic? No problem – Domenico have it all!

Gape, laugh and ponder –while you forget your daily routine for a while and dive down into world full of wonders. Go home full of fantasy and fascination.

Momentarily Domenico are on tour with their program “Don´t worry, It´s magic!”.